7 Amazing Advantages of Shopping Locally ...


7 Amazing Advantages of Shopping Locally ...
7 Amazing Advantages of Shopping Locally ...

What are the advantages of shopping locally? We're so used to ordering online from all over the world now, but using local businesses can be even more convenient. You don't have to wait for goods to arrive, you can inspect before you buy, and there's no chance your purchases will be lost in the post. Here are some of the many other advantages of shopping locally …

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Support Local Businesses

One of the less obvious advantages of shopping locally is that supporting local businesses benefits everyone. It's no use complaining that a shop is shutting down and you won't be able to buy what they sell locally any more if you order online because it's cheaper. Keeping local businesses open helps keep money in the community and gives everyone easy access to their services.


Time Saving

Shopping online is so quick and easy, right? But is it really so much more effort to pop out to a local store? It can actually save you time to buy locally, especially if you need something quickly (who wants the panic of worrying that an urgent gift may not arrive?).



Buying local produce is really beneficial from an environmental point of view. It's really daft how we buy vegetables from the store that have been flown thousands of miles, when the same items are grown in our own back yard. Help cut down on unnecessary journeys and support your local farmer, butcher, and artisans.


Regular Customer

There's something really nice about realising that a store recognises that you're a regular customer. Smaller local stores like to get to know their customers and what they're looking for. It makes sound business sense. Shop regularly in your local store and they'll get to know your requirements. Some stores will even reserve items that they know a regular client will like.


Thriving Community

A thriving community brings more people and more money into the area. For a community to thrive, it needs shops. And those shops need people to spend in them. Empty stores can attract vandalism and crime and make the area seem neglected. Shop locally so that stores can stay open and offer the services that people need.



Shopping in local stores is really convenient, because you can pick up several different things on the same trip. You can also run other errands such as pick up your dry cleaning and pop to the library. Online stores may charge you so much for postage that it's no cheaper than buying locally anyway.


Specialist Knowledge

Finally, local stores are likely to offer a much more personal service than you can get elsewhere. They should have a very good knowledge of the goods they're selling - we've all gone into large stores where the staff know little about what they're selling. Local stores can give you advice and help you choose the correct item for your needs. You won't get that level of service from most online retailers.

Shopping in local stores has so many advantages. You don't need to buy everything via the internet! You'd miss your local stores if they were gone, so shop there and help them stay open. What do you think of internet shopping - is it a great development, or has it killed off local stores?

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This would be wonderful if it were affordable. Local produce are NOT affordable and people have to eat.

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