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7 Alternative Things to do Instead of Going to College ...

By Vladlena

Not everyone takes the accepted route of going to college right after high school; some kids end up searching for other things to do instead of going to college but still manage to succeed in life later on. So if you were not able to attend a four-year college due to your family situation, financial aid or even personal will, have no worries because like Robert Frost once said, you are just taking ‘a road less traveled’! There are plenty of fun things to do instead of going to college that are just as educational and eye opening as continuing your education!

1 Travel

Up until your senior year, you’ve never really had the chance to experience the world by yourself for an extended period of time. However now you could use this gap year as an opportunity to learn about other cultures and soak up everything the world has to offer. You are now your own person, an official adult in the eyes of the law, so you can decide what step to take from here, among the many things to do instead of going to college.

2 Get a Job

Some students decide to join the workforce right after graduating to either support their family or get the feel of what they want to become in life. Getting early experience in the field you are interested in can give you an idea of whether it is the perfect fit for you. So if you are really unsure about what career you want to pursue, maybe it’s time to find out?


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3 Volunteer

Volunteering is also a great way to learn about your field but most importantly, it’s the best way to give back to your environment. Not only will you feel better after you give back to your society but you will be able to improve millions of lives and become part of a cause. Experiences as valuable as that can sometimes measure up to a college education!

4 Get More Life Experiences

No matter what anyone says, high school doesn’t prepare you for the real world, which is why many people feel lost right after getting their diploma. And it’s totally fine to wait on your career and get life experiences first. You want to establish yourself as part of a society before you can move onto bigger things!

5 Do Something You’ve Always Wanted to do

You are finally free to explore and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe you’ve always wanted to pursue a sport or become fluent in a language but never had the time to actually act on your desires. Well now you are in luck, because this is the ideal time to complete your lifetime to-do list!

6 Start Your Own Business

Believe it or not, not everyone needs a college education to rise up to the top. Many are already set on what they want to be and how they want to achieve it, so they take a risk of jumping into that career. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but this is better than doing nothing while all of your other peers are away at college!

7 Figure Yourself out

Now is the time to work on your self-growth and figure out who you really are. Since you are not restricted by any responsibilities, you could explore your desires and fears, and maybe learn something new about yourself that even you weren’t aware of!

While it is always recommended to go to college and receive a degree, not everyone follows that path to success. While it might require more work, you can still make it! What would be your plans for a gap year?

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