9 Reasons I Love Tumblr ...


A while ago, in another post, I mentioned that I had no idea what Tumblr was even about. Then, of course, I had to investigate it, and like millions of other users, I promptly became obsessed. I’m serious, I spend way too much time on my Tumblr now. Facebook and I have totally broken up, and I won’t even return its calls. Although there are many, here are the main reasons I love Tumblr and now cannot envision life without it. Someone should probably stage an intervention.

1. Anonymity

One of the main reasons I love Tumblr is because no one from my family knows I’m on it. I know that’s an awful reason, but I’m friends with all of my extended family on Facebook because it would cause a massive mess if I said no to anyone, and while it’s possible to block them from reading things I don’t want them to see, it’s also a hassle. I can’t really vent the way I would like to there, but on Tumblr, anything’s up for grabs, and if I don’t want people to follow me, I simply don’t tell them I’m there.

Freedom of Speech
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