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7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Radiation ...

By Jelena

As the problems keep piling and more and more victims are reported every day, we can’t help but wonder – Will the radiation spilling from the nuclear plant in Japan somehow find its way to our homes too? How can I protect myself, my family? Are there any ways to protect yourself from radiation even when there is no real danger? Like now. Well, I can’t tell you what will happen in the future but I can give you 7 ways to protect yourself from radiation at this point and in the future.

Table of contents:

  1. Eat foods rich in iodine
  2. Cover yourself up
  3. Wash, wash, wash
  4. Stay away from potentially contaminated food
  5. Zeolite
  6. Seal all doors and windows
  7. Get potassium iodide pills

1 Eat Foods Rich in Iodine

Satisfying your daily needs for iodine is one of the common and easiest ways to protect yourself from radiation or, at least, the harmful effects radioactive iodine can have on your body. Incorporating iodine rich mineral water, seaweed, different types of algae and see greens is a good prevention technique and it could sure put your mind at ease in situations like this one – when you just can’t stop worrying, despite the fact that you’re not facing any real danger.

2 Cover Yourself up

If the levels of radiation go up and you need to leave the house to do something, you might want to consider wearing clothes that cover your body completely. Long sleeves, long pants, something to cover your face and head. The clothes will pick up radioactive particles and you can either dispose of it later or wash it and wear it again.

3 Wash, Wash, Wash

I have just one word for you – decontamination. That’s what we’ll have to do in case the level of radiation starts going up. If you were living in the areas affected by this catastrophe or have some friends there, you probably know the drill. If case the levels of radiation start going up, we’ll have to wash completely as soon as we enter the house and that doesn’t mean just showering but washing your hair and clothes too.

4 Stay Away from Potentially Contaminated Food

Our safety inspections have the situation under control so the chances of buying a contaminated product are very low. I do suggest being extra careful, especially with cabbage and all those fruits and veggies that can’t be washed thoroughly. You can’t always rely on government to do the best thing. Did you, for example, know that people in some parts of Ukraine still eat contaminated food? Yup, I read it in the paper about a month ago! There were people, a company I think, that has been checking the levels of radiation in food since 1986 when Chernobyl catastrophe occurred and up to three (I think) years ago when government decided to pull the plug on this research considering it a waste of money.

5 Zeolite

This miner is actually quite famous for its ability to absorb harmful toxins and that, my girls, includes radioactive materials too. It’s used in agriculture, farming, pharmaceutical industry and, although zeolite is rarely found in big chunks, there are some pieces that could make interesting jewelry too. Now, the thing about zeolite is that it can be found in very few places on earth. Plus, scientists warn that you shouldn’t mess with it as some types can be extremely bad for your health. So, let’s just mention it as something that’s just “good to know” for now, and wait for some more until new data comes up.

6 Seal All Doors and Windows

Okay, don’t panic now! I told I’m going to tell you about different ways to protect yourself from radiation in all situations so this is one of those “bad-hopefully-impossible-to-happen-scenario”. Take a roll of duct-tape and get on the business. What you would want in this situation is to make sure there is not a lot of contaminated air coming in from outside. It’s not a fool-proof plan and it certainly isn’t good in the long run but you need to get through the first few days only as the most radioactive element (radioactive iodine) loses its radioactive properties in about 8 days.

7 Get Potassium Iodide Pills

Now, you definitely won’t need these unless you next door neighbor happens to live in a nuclear plant. But hey, it’s something I must mention when speaking about ways to protect yourself from radiation. These pills could help you in case you’re outside and very close to the place of leakage so taking one of these is supposed to help your body fight off highly radioactive iodine -131 and enable you to return home and scrub.

I know, I know, I’m definitely blowing this out of proportion. But, as you can see, nuclear plants aren’t as safe as we’d like to think they are. Well, I’m sure many of you were interested to know more about different ways to protect yourself from radiation. Am I right?

Top Photo Credit: Nomad Tales

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