7 Relationship Tips for Your BFF'S ...


Have you ever made the mistake of taking one of your closest friends for granted? Most of the time it's not intentional of course, but between hectic schedules, work demands, and everyday responsibilities it can happen. Relationships take work and dedication, just like anything else in your life. Our BFF's are irreplaceable and we should take a moment to consider that! Here are 7 relationship tips for your BFF's to make sure that you can stay connected through your busy lives!

1. Make Time

Don't just be the person she can share great news with. If you can celebrate her new job or her sister's pregnancy that's all great. But you should also be the person she can call at 3:17 am with a broken heart. Being a good friend is more about listening than shopping trips. Pay attention to the underlying notes and be there for her when she needs you the most. She's sure to return the favor!

Know when to Stop
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