7 Words Recently Added to the English Dictionary ...


If you didn't know that there were cool, new and exciting words recently added to the English dictionary in the past decade, well...

now you know!

Most of these words recently added to the English dictionary are commonly used words or slang words.

They're used so much by the general population that they had to be added.2

Continue reading below to find out what words the Oxford dictionary authors couldn't help but to add!

1. Unfriend

Definition: "To Remove (someone) from a list of friends or contacts on a social networking site." I wasn't surprised when I found out that "Unfriend" was among the words recently added to the English dictionary. It's so common! Ever since the rise of Myspace, Facebook, and other social networks, "Unfriend" has been used quite frequently, especially when those social network friends aren't being so friendly! So you see, the dictionary authors just had to add it!

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