6 Ways to Show off Your Love for Bicycles...


This summer has brought back the love of my bicycle and I'm really enjoying riding it through the park and around town.2

Growing up near the city with lots of neighborhoods it was easy to get around on your bike.

Whether you would ride it through the park, to your friend's house, or to the local pool, a bike was something you needed as a teen.

As I grew up my bike went with me, even to college, it was really great riding it to class.2

But one summer break my good old bike got stolen and not until this passed Spring did I finally get a new one.

So thinking about my love for bicycles I found these really great ways to show off that passion;

could one of these items end up in your home?

6. Bicycle Art...

Bicycle Art...

Photo: Taken by self.

While we were on vacationlast week we saw these great looking bikes and this one with the adorable basket was my favorite.

The actually color of the bike is a beautiful light blue, but to turn this photo into a more artistic view I did a little editing and made it into an old time print.

I just love the shot of the bike on the boardwalk with the beach in the background.

Do you have bicycle art or prints hanging on your walls?

Bicycle Key Rack...
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