17 Unbelievable Things You Can do with Your English Degree πŸŽ“ ...


I have an English degree.

Let me give everyone a moment to giggle.



I get that reaction a lot, but here's the thing – although people like to β€œjoke” that English degrees are worthless, that's actually a short-sighted, rather ignorant point-of-view.

There's a world of opportunity waiting for you when you graduate with an English degree, so it's by no means a waste of education.

It's not for everyone, that's true, but there's so much potential for a truly epic career.

And, yeah, okay.

There's room for lots of jokes, as well.

1. You Can Frame It


You worked hard for it, after all, so why not stick it in a frame and display it for all to see?

2. Or Use It to Patch up a Hole in Your Wallpaper

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Nah, I'm being tongue-in-cheek – there's no way that my English degree is currently patching the wall.

3. Correct Everyone's Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Online Because People Love That

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I'm lying because people actually do not like that at all.

4. You Can Obsessively Pick out Every Typo in Every Book You Read

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I think this is more of a personality quirk, tbh – I may or may not need help.

5. Or Become a Bomb-ass Editor

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Seriously, though, if you find joy in discovering grammar mistakes in books, blogs, closed captioning, or online, you can absolutely parlay that into an amazing career as an editor.2

6. Think about a Career in Publishing, Too

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Most English and literature majors love to read and that love, combined with a flair for editing, is ideal for the publishing industry, whether you start out wading through the slush pile or working as a proofreader.

7. You Can Start Your Own Blog, of Course

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You don't need an English degree to start a blog, naturally, but it definitely doesn't hurt.2

Or Try Your Hand at Journalism
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