7 Tips for Sending Things Snail Mail to Ensure a Quick and Safe Delivery ...


Snail mail is becoming less popular every single year due to slow delivery times, but some tips for sending things snail mail can still make it a reliable option if you can’t afford other options. The postal service seems to be getting a worse reputation as time goes by, but a few precautionary steps can help ensure it’s still a good option for using it to mail important documents and packages. If you’re looking for a few helpful tips for sending things snail mail, check these out and let me know if you have any too!

1. Correct Information

One of the simplest and best tips for sending things snail mail is to make sure all the information you have on the letter or package is correct. Check addresses, spellings of last names, and if they have a PO box, make sure the package can be delivered to a PO box. Some items require UPS or Fed Ex home delivery, while others are fine to send through snail mail at the postal service. Being sure you have all the correct information on your letter or package is the first step to preventing it from getting rerouted, lost, or returned back to you.

Good Packaging
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