7 Things You'll Learn in College about Yourself ...


There are things you’ll learn in college that occur outside of the classroom.

You’re growing up, so you’re going to be finding out more about yourself and the world around you.

Some lessons will be harsh, but they’ll prepare you for your future.

Here are some of the most important things you’ll learn in college:3

1. What You’ll Settle for

Will you aim for an A or settle for a C?

Will you try to score a date with a cute classmate or will you settle for the drunk guy you met near your dorm?

One of the biggest things you’ll learn in college is what you believe you deserve.

If you think poorly of yourself or don’t feel like putting in effort, you’re going to end up with less than perfect.

Your time spent away at college will give you a sense of how hard you’re willing to try in life.

2. How Focused You Are

You might’ve procrastinated and daydreamed all through high school, but college is a different story.

You have more independence, so you’re completely in charge of how hard you study.

The night before a test, are you flipping through textbooks or sipping on drinks?

Socialization is a major part of college, but it’s not going to help you fulfill your major.

When you’re off on your own, you’ll see how determined you are to make a good future for yourself.

3. How Capable You Are

Do you do your own laundry or pay someone to do it for you?2

Do you cook your own food or warm up Ramen?

Do you do your own shopping or write up a list for your parents?

As you age, you’re expected to do more chores.

Whether you do them yourself or rely on others, certain things have to get done.

How Well You Deal with People
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