7 Things That Are Not Worth Your Jealousy ...

Itโ€™s completely normal to have the healthy attitude of competition but itโ€™s important to not over think and avoid being envious over things that are not worth your jealousy.

Envy is not only enervating but also toxic to yourself and other people around you.

Sometimes we canโ€™t control our jealousy but once we catch ourselves in the act, itโ€™s crucial to re-route that energy towards something positive.

Here are 7 top things that are not worth your jealousy!

1. The Appearance of Others

The Appearance of Others

Itโ€™s definitely okay to admire someone elseโ€™s physique and work towards achieving a better shape, but itโ€™s important to know where to draw the limit.

You canโ€™t obsess over someoneโ€™s features since you canโ€™t magically rearrange your face or body!

Everyone was created differently and everyone will have their pluses and minuses.

Your body and structure is your own and itโ€™s time to appreciate and enhance what you've got!

Someone elseโ€™s appearance is one of the things that are not worth your jealousy, because in the end you are just hurting your own confidence.

The Achievements of Others