7 Solid Reasons to Wait to Get Your First Tattoo ...


Before the needle touches your skin, you should consider these reasons to wait for your tattoo.

If you’re like me, the idea is incredibly tempting.

But whether you’re planning on getting your first or fifth tattoo, you should determine whether now is the best time.

If it benefits you to wait, then try to do so.

As badly as you want new ink, there are some important reasons to wait for your tattoo.

1. Upcoming Vacation

One of the reasons to wait for your tattoo is if you’re going on a vacation or plan on spending a lot of time in the water.

You can’t submerge fresh ink.

If you decide to be a rebel and take a dip anyway, the color will fade and you could end up with an infection.

Don’t waste your money or your summer.

In a few months, you can still get your tattoo done and it won’t get damaged.

2. Iffy on the Image

If you’re unsure about the image, words, or font you want, wait to make your appointment.

You want your idea to be well thought out, not chosen at the last second.

If you’re pretty sure you know, but aren’t positive and keep making small changes, the same rule applies.

Wait a few weeks and if you still love the drawing by then, go for it.

Otherwise, it might not be right for you.

3. You're Drunk

Hookups aren’t the only drunken mistakes you can make.

Getting a tattoo while drunk can end in disaster.

Even if you planned the drawing out while sober, avoid getting a tattoo while under the influence.

Alcohol thins your blood, which makes you bleed more.

That means your skin won’t hold the ink as well and there’s a greater chance of scarring and infection.

So wait until you’re sober!

Peer Pressure
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