8 Signs You Need Some Alone Time That You Should Give in to ...


When even the smallest of tasks, like making lunch for the kids, seems like a huge ordeal, and other simple things seem like too heavy a load to bear, these are just some of the signs you need some alone time.

Instead of snapping at your family, yelling at your dogs and catching an attitude with your friends, realize the signs you need some alone time - and give into them.

Just remember this: Even Wonder Woman needs a break from time-to-time.

1. Tension

One of the biggest signs you need some alone time is tension.2

When you start feeling your back and shoulders getting real tight, you might want to consider tossing in the towel for a little while.

Ask the hubby to watch the kids, put down the dish cloth and go fill up the tub, pour a glass of wine and take a nice soak.

2. Att-I-Tude

When your normally easy-going demeanor starts shifting and you start catching a 'tude with everyone and everything, it may be time for you to take a break.

When you start feeling like you are taking on too much and you are super stressed out, it's natural to have a bad attitude.

However, don't become a slave to your stress and let it dictate your personality.

Instead, take a break and spend some quality time with yourself to keep your cool.

3. Crying

I know that when I am stressed out, sometimes the only way to let it out is through crying.

I won't even mean it;

it just happens and when it does, I know that I am in need of a break.

If you find yourself crying while you're washing the dishes or folding the laundry, you might need to get some quality R&R.

4. You're Tired

Getting tired is a part of life.

However, when you are super tired even after you have gotten 8 hours of sleep, there is a very good chance that you need a break.

It might be that the sleep you are getting isn't restful, or that you have too much on your mind to get the full benefit of sleep.

When this happens, take a break - and a nap!

You Feel down
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