7 Reasons to Break up with a Toxic Friend ...


There were two occasions when I felt the need to break up with a toxic friend, as I felt that the emotional rollercoaster ride was too much for me to handle.

For those who haven't experienced this … congratulations!

You have been saved from a life chapter of stress and mess.2

As for those who are living with or going out with friends who exude more negativity than positive energy, here are reasons why - even if it is difficult to do - you definitely need to break up with a toxic friend:

1. Drags You inside “Drama World”

You don't need the drama.

The simple life is a good life.

Drama complicates everything.

Go ahead and break up with a toxic friend when he or she repeatedly drags you in a theatrical production of "I thought you were my friend!

Why didn't you support me when I applied for that job in your company?!

You don't value our friendship!" Real friends understand that you can't do everything for them;

toxic friends don't.

Talks about Negative Things All the Time
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