7 Pretty Stupid Reasons Why Some People Hate Receiving Compliments ...


You might think that everyone likes to receive compliments, but that’s just not quite true, because there actually are a lot of people (I was one of them when I was a teen) who actually don’t like to receive them and that’s why, in this little article, I would like to share with you a few pretty stupid reasons why some people hate receiving compliments. I must admit that, indeed, compliments aren’t always compliments, that sometimes they can be actually some mean things put nicely. You should keep in mind that not all people are frenemies, and as soon as you understand why some people hate receiving compliments, you will pay more attention to the way you react every time you receive a compliment.

1. Low Self-Esteem

The main reason why some people hate receiving compliments is the fact that they have a very low self-esteem and somewhere deep inside them, they actually think they don’t deserve to be appreciated or praised because their actions are worthless. Well, this is the perfect way to sabotage yourself. If you’ve noticed you think like that every time you receive a compliment, you should definitely do something about controlling those dysfunctional thoughts.

They Feel Anxious