7 Points to Encourage You if You Failed Your Driving Test ...


If you've failed your driving test before, it's unnerving to contemplate taking a retest.

With your "failure" fresh in your memory, you worry about retaking the test, only to fail a second time.

But lots of people pass on the second or third attempt.

Here are some tips to encourage you if you've failed your driving test and want to take another …

1. You Won't Pass if You Don't Persist

If you think having failed your driving test once is bad enough, imagine what it is like to fail three times.

Readers, that was me.

I very nearly didn't go through with my fourth test as I felt sure I wasn't going to pass this time either.

But I reasoned the following with myself.3

If I didn't attempt the test, I was definitely not going to pass.

If I did take it, I might just pass.

And I did.

It's not the number of tests you take that matters, it's the fact that you pass one of them that counts.

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