7 Old Wives' Tales That Are BS๐Ÿ’ฉ ...

Old wivesโ€™ tales often seem a little bit silly, but sometimes itโ€™s hard to know if they are actually true or not, especially with the amount of times theyโ€™re recited.

These tales will tell us anything from chewing gum staying in your stomach for seven years to silly faces being stuck that way if the wind changes.

These are seven old wivesโ€™ tales that you neednโ€™t pay any attention to - they are purely fiction.

1. Eating and Swimming

According to the old wivesโ€™ tales, if you eat a meal and then go swimming you will end up with terrible cramps.

This is simply not true.

Studies have been done and it is found that food will do nothing to create cramps when you swim.

Eating a big meal and swimming isnโ€™t recommended, however, but that is simply because large meals often make you tired.

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