10 of My Favorite Broadway Musicals ...


With such a variety of musicals from drama to comedies, there is such a wide range to choose from for my favorite Broadway musicals. There is nothing like watching a story where people randomly break out in song and dance. I just wish my life could be a musical so I could break out in a song whenever I felt sad or happy. Unfortunately, since I don’t live in a musical, I have to live vicariously through some of my favorite Broadway musicals.

1. Les Misérables

Even though I have never actually seen it on Broadway, Les Mis is still one of my favorite Broadway musicals. I recently saw the movie and was blown away by it. Even when I have seen it in off-Broadway versions, I still found it incredible. This story tells the tale of a man who is trying to run from his past, lovers torn by violence, and young rebels trying to fight for their freedom. It has everything your could want. Even if you don’t take my word for it, Les Mis is one of the longest running musicals of all time, and years of people loving it must mean it is incredible. I wont spoil the show too much because you need to watch it, but I promise you will not be disappointed after watching this Broadway favorite.

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