7 Absolute Must-Haves from a Convenience Store ...


Whenever I run into a convenience store, whether it be CVS, Duane Reade, or a local corner store, there are just certain things that I feel the need to grab.

I end up walking through the store grabbing everything except what I really went in for.

Whether it is the snack aisle or the card aisle, I always get distracted and deviate from my actual list.

There are just those certain must haves from a convenience store that you cannot forget!

1. Gum

If you’re worried about bad breath when entering school or a meeting, popping in a piece of gum definitely helps.

Even though I can never decide on which gum because there is such a variety, I always walk out with at least one pack.

I usually like the minty flavors, ranging from peppermint, spearmint, or cinnamon, but of course there are the delicious fruity flavors.

As time progresses so do the flavors!

Companies are getting so creative.

Now there’s watermelon, apple, and even other melon flavors.

No matter what flavor you choose, gum is a part of the must haves from a convenience store.

2. Hand Sanitizer

I am so crazy when it comes to hygiene.

Usually when checking out at the register, a convenience store will have perfectly sized sanitizers to throw into your bag.

At work or at school, think of all of the things you touch that others have already touched: door handles, computer keyboards, pens and pencils, and the list just goes on and on.

Germs spread so easily especially in a work or school environment so you could never go wrong with having hand sanitizer on your desk.

It’s a must buy whenever I go to the store.

3. Extra Cards for That Unexpected Party

You never know when you’ll be invited to a birthday party or when you’ll get a surprise gift.

Having extra birthday cards, thank-you cards, condolence cards, and so on and so forth, are always good and come in handy.

Even though it takes forever for me to choose the perfect cards, since I read through all of the cards available, I know it’s worth it since I’ll always have the perfect card ready to go.

Trust me, I’ve had to use emergency cards before so stack up!

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