7 Life-Saving Items You Must Keep in Your Emergency Kit ...


No one wants to think about the possibility of an emergency, but being prepared with life-saving items can make the difference.

An emergency kit is an important thing to have in your home and car so that you are ready for a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

It’s especially important if you have kids or pets in your home that can’t care for themselves.

Go through this list of life-saving items carefully so you can be prepared for an emergency.

1. Bottled Water

Bottled Water

A natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado, can interfere with the clean water supply where you live.

That makes bottled water the most important of the life-saving items to include in your emergency kit.

The average person will need about a gallon of water per day, so include plenty in your kit.

In the car, make sure you have several bottles per person.

Keep the water in a cool, dry place and replace it any time the expiration date nears.

2. Food


If you’re stranded in a blizzard or can’t leave your house due to a dangerous storm, having food on hand is important.2

You’ll need things that keep and that are easy to eat without preparation.

Include about three days worth of food in your kit.

Include canned goods, boxes of cereal and crackers and dry mixes that you can combine with your water.

Include a can opener and some simple dishes.

Make sure you replace items before they expire.

3. Flashlight with Batteries

Flashlight with Batteries

In case you lose power or are in your car at night, a working flashlight is vital.

It’ll allow you to see what’s going around you and will make it easier to prepare foods and entertain pets or kids.

Include plenty of extra batteries in your kit in case you need your flashlight for lengthy periods of time.

Check the flashlight often to be sure it’s in good working order.2

Extra Clothing
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