16 Journals That Will Inspire All Your Best Writing ...


If you journal on a regular basis, you are probably always on the hunt for a new notebook to write in.

There are loads of options all over the place, which might be a bit overwhelming to some people.

If you're new to writing in a journal, finding the perfect one can get you started in just the right way.

Here are some great options to get you started.

1. DIY Lettering

DIY Lettering

Via visual blessings: Lettering, Lettering and ...

A plain white journal is the perfect clean slate for decorating any way you want.

2. Inspire Yourself

Inspire Yourself

Via Me, With My Head in ...

Use the cover of your journal as your own portable inspiration board.

3. Easy Homemade Journals

Easy Homemade Journals

Via Gift Idea: Homemade Journals - ...

A journal is easy to make and allows you to customize it in just about any way you want to.


4. Sharpie Journals

Sharpie Journals

Via Simple Sharpie Journals and Matching ...

A simple Sharpie is all you need to make a plain journal into something really special.

5. Time Travel Steampunk Journal

Time Travel Steampunk Journal

Via Altered Alchemy Gallery: Handmade Journals

If you want something really fancy and decorated, this journal is sure to fit the bill.

6. Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies

Via Guignol et Blanche, Papillons en ...

These little butterfly journals are fun to look at and still you give you some room to write.

7. Make It Your Own

Make It Your Own

Via Creative Journaling Tips & Printable ...

Once you turn your journal into the masterpiece you want it to be, you'll be ready to do all of your writing2

8. Washi Tape Edged Pages

Washi Tape Edged Pages

Via DIY Washi Tape Smash Book/Journal

This makes it totally easy to divide your journal into sections so you can always find what you're looking for.

9. DIY Upcycled Book Journal

DIY Upcycled Book Journal

Via *Rook No. 17: recipes, crafts ...

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to turn an old book into a journal.

Memoirs Embossed Reclaimed Leather Journal
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