7 Infuriating Ways That Women Experience Double Standards ...


Even in the 21st century, women are still subjected to double standards.

If anything, it's worse in some ways than it used to be.2

The media, for example, analyses and criticises the looks and bodies of female celebrities in minute detail.

Women are also often criticised for behaving in ways that are acceptable for men.

Here are some infuriating ways that women experience double standards …

1. Dating Younger Men

One of the most annoying ways in which women experience double standards is on the issue of dating a younger man.

When men date a younger woman, nobody notices.

It's not seen as worthy of comment.

Look at the number of male celebrities who date younger women.

But if a woman dates a younger man, she is the subject of jokes or critical remarks.2

2. Sex

Yes, the sexual double standard still exists.

A woman cannot behave the same way as a man.

If he has several partners, that's okay - he may even be lauded for it.

A woman who has a history is often seen as somehow lacking in morals and selling herself short.

One-night stands are almost expected of men, while women doing the same are cheap.

3. Drinking

Drinking too much isn't smart for anyone.

But again, it's almost expected of men that they will enjoy drinking.2

Men who don't are seen as unmasculine - but that's for another article.

Women who go out and get drunk are copying men in one of the worst ways.

It may be true, but excessive drinking should be wrong for everyone, not just for women.

4. Single Moms

When you read an article about a single dad, he is praised to high heaven.

What a marvelous job he's doing, raising his children all by himself!

Yet single mothers are often the target for criticism.

They are accused of depriving their children of a father and costing the State millions.2

No mention of the fact that they are doing a difficult job the best they can.

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