7 Historical Villains That You Couldn't Make up ...


Since my first few weeks in secondary school, under the influence of a fantastic teacher, I have become a history geek, fascinated by the strange doings of people and a few historical villains!

To state that history is “boring” is to say that people are boring.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at these historical villains and see what you think!

1. Jack the Ripper

Perhaps one of the most famous of all historical villains is one whose identity remains a mystery to this day.2

Nicknamed Jack the Ripper by the London newspapers of 1888, the first reality star (yes, believe it or not, he was considered a celebrity) was responsible for the grotesque mutilation and murders of five prostitutes during 10 dark, stormy autumn weeks in 1888.

Whilst murder was not uncommon in Victorian London, these irrational, patterned and seemingly motive free murders continue to shock the world to this day.

There are many theories and suspects about the Whitechapel murders, including the Royal Family and secret societies – Da Vinci code, eat your heart out!

2. Rasputin

My absolute favourite villain of all time, both in reality and fiction, is Rasputin.

I’ve been fascinated by him since he became the “baddie” in the animated film Anastasia, which I had to watch a minimum of 4 times a week as a child (yes, I was a strange child).

The “evil monk” was a poorly appointed adviser to Tzar Nicholas II of Russia and it was believed that he was the only one who knew how to treat the haemophiliac heir to the Romanov Dynasty – by placing cobwebs over his wounds to clot the bleeding.

He was reputed to study the dark arts, to host wild orgies in the winter palace, to have romanced the tzarina herself and to drink a daily dose of poison to build immunity.

This immunity came in handy when the Russian nobles took it upon themselves to murder the dark monk.

Having poisoned his food with enough to kill 7 men, they were startled when he awoke and started to choke the unfortunate noble who was checking his body.

He fled, and then was shot several times – again, he survived and continued to stumble into the dark, onto the frozen lake.

The ice broke, and he fell.

Upon discovering his body it was proven that he in fact froze to death rather than drowned!

Continuing his strange legacy, Russia’s first ever (and hopefully, only) museum of sex and erotica exhibit his preserved 12 inch penis is a jar…2

Henry VIII
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