Why You Need πŸ’― to Have a Best Friend πŸ‘­ More than a Boyfriend πŸ’ ...


It's always better to have a best friend than a partner.

Well, ideally, you want to have a best friend and a boyfriend or girlfriend, but when romantic relationships fail, your best friend will always be there.

I confess, I'm one of those self-satisfied, smug butt holes who really did marry her best friend, so I'm the luckiest girl alive, and I'm sure that that's true for lots of people.

However, you still need a best friend outside of your partner.


Well ...

1. Who else Can You Vent to when You're Mad at Your Partner?

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You always need to have someone to listen when you need to vent, especially when you're venting about your partner because even if you love your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, you know they get on your last damn nerve sometimes.

2. Your Best Friend Will Never Try to Make You Jealous with Other Besties

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But if your partner does try this sorry ish, your bestie will be behind your revenge plan.2

3. You Can Talk to Your BFF about Your Fantasies

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Sometimes it's awkward to talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about your fantasies, whether you're talking about your sexual fantasies or your dreams and goals.

4. And Your Crushes


Also awkward – you don't want to make your partner jealous or anything, but come on, you need to talk about the hottie barista at Starbucks.2

5. And Also Your Fandom Obsessions

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There are some things your partner just can't understand, such as your obsession with Dr.


6. The Two of You Can Share Clothes and Makeup

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That seems superficial, but it's really not – it's really kind of awesome, honestly.

7. Your Best Friend Will Always Come Back to You

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And she won't play come here, go away games with you, which is always a plus.

You Can Eat Crap Food in Front of Your Best Friend
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