11 Harry Potter Themed Party and Gift Ideas ...


There's always a way to get your Harry Potter fix and a Harry Potter themed party might just be the pick me up you need!

I have scoured the internet, well mostly Pinterest, to get you inspired and there's a little something in this list for everybody, from kids to adults.

I solemnly swear you and your guests will have a Potter-tastic time with these Harry Potter themed party and gift ideas.

1. Hogwarts Party Invitation

Hogwarts Party Invitation

Kick off your Harry Potter themed party to a magical start by sending out Hogwarts Express tickets or Hogwarts acceptance letters as party invites.

There are quite a few free printable templates online that you could choose from and though there's no owl post available, take a pin out of Pinterest and tie the invitations to helium filled balloons with owl faces drawn onto them.

Such a great party idea for kids!

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