11 Harry Potter Themed Party and Gift Ideas ...


There's always a way to get your Harry Potter fix and a Harry Potter themed party might just be the pick me up you need!

I have scoured the internet, well mostly Pinterest, to get you inspired and there's a little something in this list for everybody, from kids to adults.2

I solemnly swear you and your guests will have a Potter-tastic time with these Harry Potter themed party and gift ideas.

1. Hogwarts Party Invitation

Hogwarts Party Invitation

Kick off your Harry Potter themed party to a magical start by sending out Hogwarts Express tickets or Hogwarts acceptance letters as party invites.

There are quite a few free printable templates online that you could choose from and though there's no owl post available, take a pin out of Pinterest and tie the invitations to helium filled balloons with owl faces drawn onto them.2

Such a great party idea for kids!

2. Poster Photo Booth

Poster Photo Booth

Photo booths are the in-thing right now!

You usually see the vintage-inspired kinds at weddings and parties.

But this ain't no party for muggles so don't set up just any photo booth;

replicate one that resembles the poster of Harry Potter - Undesirable No.

1 or the one of Sirius Black - Have You Seen This Wizard?

You don't need an actual photo booth per se.

Put together a station with props such as robes, wands and the signature black rimmed glasses, and have someone snap pictures with a Polaroid camera.

3. Happee Birthdae Cake

Happee Birthdae Cake

I am sure you would've all seen those fanciful Harry Potter inspired cakes that look way too good to be eaten and deserve a place at a museum instead.

Those cakes are awesome to have at a party, but I've got one for you that is just as great.

The cake Hagrid baked for Harry!

You don't have to be a cake boss to pull this one off, and money is not the only thing you will be saving, but time as well.

Gives you more reason to get busy on all the other nitty gritty party details.

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