10 Fantastic Home Office Organization Tips You Should Try ...


With my line of work I am fortunate to have the chance to work from home occasionally.

My home office is important to me which is why I am always on the lookout for home office organization tips.

The right home office organization tips keep my desk and files from getting cluttered and junky.

Having an organized home office helps me perform better, meet deadlines, and stay ahead of the game.

If you work from home too or just need to get your office back in order, check out these home office organization tips.

1. Labels

I am a labeling nut.

I admit it with pride in my heart and a grin on my face.2

I love my label maker.

If I could offer you only one home office organization tip it would be to use labels.

Labels help you quickly know what is in a box or folder without having to dig through it.

2. Put Things Back

Labels don’t work if you don’t put things in their designated spot.

If you have a bin labeled bills, but you left all your mail on the top of your desk and pushed it around from one corner to the next you are bound to lose something.

Then when it comes time to pay bills you are rushing around trying gather them all up.

Had you only put the bills in their right spot you could have saved yourself some time.

3. Wall Pockets

I like wall pockets.

Not sure what a wall pocket is?

It’s like an inbox that hangs on the wall.

When working in a home office some things need to be close at hand and in view.

Instead of cluttering up my desk I use these nifty little things to keep files on the wall.

4. Memo Board

Aw, the old memo board.

Memo boards come in all sorts of cool styles.

Some people like a magnetic board, others like cork, dry erase, or chalk.

I like a mixture.

My board is half cork and half dry erase, but the dry erase is also magnetic.

I can pin up important pictures, write down important dates or reminders and keep them close at hand.2

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