7 Excellent Answers for Awkward Interview Questions ...


Have you ever been asked any really awkward interview questions?

If you've been through an interview - and there are very few of us who haven't - then you've undoubtedly been asked the type of question that leaves you wondering how on earth to answer it.

Some of them seem impossible to get right, and leave you panicking about what kind of answer would satisfy the interviewer.

Here's how to handle those awkward interview questions without ruining your chances of getting the job …2

1. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

One of the most awkward interview questions you can be asked is why you left your last position, especially if you left under a cloud.

But there are various answers you can give.

For example, the prospects were limited, the position was not best suited to your abilities, or that you want to seek a new challenge.

Try to avoid saying anything that reflects badly on your potential commitment to the new company.

How Long do You Intend to Stay Here
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