7 Effective Ways to Keep Your Memories Alive ...


It’s hard to keep your memories alive because as much as you try to remember the moments that you cherish in detail, your memory becomes fuzzier each time.

In order to avoid the loss of valuable memories, it’s always best to make a reminder about what happened.

Nothing feels better than reminiscing about some of the best memories of your life as years go by.2

If you are one of those people who cherishes your memories, here are 7 most effective ways to keep your memories alive!

1. Capture the Moments

Capture the Moments

I guess you can blame the lack of pictures on the need to live in the moment, but you always regret not capturing that moment.

We realize that it doesn't take long nor requires a lot of work, but for some reason we always forget.

It’s best to change that and capture the memories because pictures always bring about the best memories and deepest feelings.

So remember, take lots of photos to help keep your memories alive!2

2. Save Photos

Save Photos

It’s one thing to take the photos, but it’s another thing to store them.

Nowadays most of us save our photos on our computers and phones, but what will happen when those devices break completely and there is no way to regain those memories?

Don’t worry;

the best solution is to burn all of your photo albums on a CD or store them online on websites like dropbox.com.

That way you know you are less likely to lose those photos and will be able to see them even decades from now!

3. Write Them down

Write Them down

There is nothing better than keeping your memories alive in a journal.

Some people think that diaries are just childish, but what is so childish about writing your feelings down on paper?

It’s the best way to express your feelings and years from now when you re-read the entries, you would know exactly what you felt at that moment!

You don’t even have to write daily...

summarizing your life every once in a while would be enough!

Keep a Memory Box
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