7 Creative Writing Tips ...


For some of us, writing comes as easily as breathing. The rest of us need a little something to get our creative juices flowing. Here are Holly's tips for creative writing that will definitely help you become a better writer. Thanks Holly!

As a wannabe writer, I dedicate the majority of my time to typing up stories. There are days when I can sit down and write for hours without issue. Other days, I end up wasting time on tumblr (although looking at Benedict Cumberbatch isnโ€™t really a waste). If you ever need something to put you in the manuscript mood, give the following tips a try.

1. Sounds

Music is my favorite way to get into a characterโ€™s mind. If youโ€™re writing a love scene, listen to Barry White. Or if youโ€™re creating something comedic, try Weird Al. Nature sounds can also help when writing particular scenes. Go to rainymood.com if your scene takes place during a storm and go to YouTube for anything else.

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