7 Creative Ways to Decorate with Washi Tape ...


There are so many ideas on Pinterest for decorating with washi tape that you could probably spend all day just making a decision on which project to start first!

From scrapbookers to jewelry makers and everyone in between, washi tape has taken over.

If you’re wondering what it is, it’s like masking tape, but much cuter!3

It first originated in Japan and now has become popular all over the world!

So, shall we get started on ways you can try decorating with washi tape and become obsessed with it too, if you aren’t already...

1. Gift Wrap...

Gift Wrap...

Do you have a boring gift box or wrapping paper sitting at home?

Well, why not give it some love by decorating with washi tape!

I love the adorable little bows!

You may be looking at it thinking, “How did they do that?” but it’s pretty simple.3

You can find a bow tutorial over on detailedpartymom.blogspot.com if you are looking for something more over the top than this one.

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