Correct โœ… Grammar ๐Ÿ’ฌ Staples to Use for People Who Want to Sound Smarter ๐Ÿค“ ...


Okay, okay, I know some people donโ€™t like grammar police. But I donโ€™t care! I am one of them. I love words and language and I believe it is at its most beautiful when it is used correctly. Using the correct grammar and words can also make you appear smarter and polished. Here are a few staples that are commonly misused.

1. Hopefully Vs. I Hope

Hopefully officially means โ€˜in a hopefulโ€™ manner, so if you say โ€œhopefully we get tickets for the concertโ€, it technically does not mean the same as โ€œI hope we get tickets for the concertโ€!

Assessable Vs. Accessible
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