Correct ✅ Grammar 💬 Staples to Use for People Who Want to Sound Smarter 🤓 ...


Okay, okay, I know some people don’t like grammar police.

But I don’t care!

I am one of them.

I love words and language and I believe it is at its most beautiful when it is used correctly.

Using the correct grammar and words can also make you appear smarter and polished.

Here are a few staples that are commonly misused.

1. Hopefully Vs. I Hope

Hopefully officially means ‘in a hopeful’ manner, so if you say “hopefully we get tickets for the concert”, it technically does not mean the same as “I hope we get tickets for the concert”!

2. Assessable Vs. Accessible

A building might have a ramp and wheelchair accessible, whereas the same building might be assessable by the county that taxes it, the words mean two different things!

3. Bad Vs. Badly

You might see badly if you have poor vision, but if you have been mean to someone, you don’t feel badly, you just feel plain bad!

4. Equally Vs. Equally as

In most cases the ‘as’ is redundant: for example, a perfectly correct sentence would be “I speak English and Spanish equally well” rather than “equally as well”.

“As” comes into play when you’re comparing such as, “I speak English and Spanish equally well as my native French”.

5. Lay Vs. Lie

Lay and lie are definitely not interchangeable.

You can say “I need to lie down”, but when an object enters the equation then you need to change it to “I need lay my head on a pillow”.

6. Longue Vs. Lounge

Lots of people tend to get this wrong when spelling out the French term for the fancy chair;

you might lounge on it, but its spelled chaise longue!2

7. ATM Vs. ATM Machine

Adding the ‘machine’ on the end of ATM is redundant, as the M in ATM stands for machine anyway!

You are basically saying automated teller machine machine, and that makes no sense!

Historic Vs. Historical
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