8 Charmingly Cute Costumes for Your Adorable Dog ...


Costumes for Dogs can be so hard to choose!

This Halloween, I am looking at all kinds of different costumes for dogs that my little pooch can try on.

Do I want him to be a hot dog?

A skunk?

A lion?

There are tons of costumes for dogs choices out there and that is why I've narrowed it down to the top 7 costumes for dogs on my list!2

1. Skunk


Price: $21.95 at amazon.com

If my little pooch would wear this costume for dogs, I would absolutely make him a skunk.

The little tail, the ears, the white stripe – it's adorable!

If I could get my little hot dog to wear this, I'd totally take him trick or treating this year!

T-Rex Dog Costumes
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