9 Cases of What the Experts Said That Proved to Be Oh so Wrong ...


We call them experts for a reason, yet there are many times when what the experts said have proved to be so wrong as to be out the ballpark. As there are so-called experts in every field, there are a great many opportunities for them to be wrong. I have identified some of the most cataclysmic statements as cases of when what the experts said could not have been more wrong.

1. Everything That Can Be Invented Has Been Invented

This is most probably the most famous example of what the experts said being wrong, mainly due to the fact that when a person is being narrow minded or overly conservative that this quote is repeated. It was first said by Charles H. Duell in 1899. He was the commissioner of the Office of Patents in the USA. Of all the experts, he was the one who was the most qualified to make this statement, and yet if you consider how far technology has moved forwards, it is quite a frightening statement.

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