Who Says You Shouldn't Follow Controversial Advice? ...


Have you ever been offered any controversial advice?

As a rule, most life advice is pretty positive, and most of the time, a bit obvious.

It’s the stuff that you can imagine your grandparents telling you, or a life mentor.2

It can feel a bit idealistic, though.

I mean, sure, we all want to believe that one day a Prince will come, or that you’ll always be able to smile through the rain, but it’s not always totally realistic.

That’s why, sometimes, controversial advice shouldn’t just be ignored.

Here are the bits you should definitely consider taking…

1. Blood Isn’t Thicker than Water

Okay, biologically it is, but we’re talking philosophically for this piece of controversial advice.2

Your family doesn’t get a free pass to treat you however they like just because you are related.

Your family isn’t everything.

While you should try to get on with your family, and having them around will benefit you when you need a support network in the future, you don’t need them.

Don’t let people get away with treating you badly just because of how they are related to you.

Demand respect and decency.

Love Doesn’t Conquer All
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