10 Best Cocktails for Girls’ Night out...


Whether you are married, dating, or single, every once in a while you need a Girl's Night Out.

What's better for a fun night out with the ladies than some fun drinks!

For me, anything that taste like fruit is a winner, though I am starting to like the Mojito more and more!

Guest blogger Yang from Chillisauceis here with us today to share 10 Best Cocktails for Girls' Night Out, which one is your favorite...

Ladies Night: Get Your Drink On...

What would hen night be without a delicious cocktail?

Okay, maybe a few delicious cocktails…after all, a hen night is a special occasion to celebrate.

But there’s something about hen night that makes most gal pals decide they want to order their favorite cocktail, or try a new favorite for the night.

Fortunately there are some great cocktails to choose from.2

Here are 10 of the best cocktails for hen night.

We’ve chosen these cocktails after talking with gal pals who’ve had a blast on hen night.

But don’t leave this list at just 10!

Share with us your favorites and tell us what you think the best cocktails for hen night are!

1. Apple Martini (Appletini)...

This delicious, bright green cocktail is very popular for hen night.

The Appletini has vodka and apple juice or apple brandy.

It has a slightly tart taste, just like an apple!

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