Youve Got to See These 25 Extreme Selfies to Believe Them ...

By Jennifer

Youve Got to See These 25 Extreme Selfies to Believe Them ...

Ever since the word "selfie" was first used about a decade ago, we've been snapping them to celebrate every important occasion... and okay, just to be silly, too. But some people take it to a whole new level, the extreme selfie. I can't say I'm bold enough to try any of these (or, in some cases, bendy enough), but let's have a look anyway. Who knows? One of these selfies might inspire your next Instagram!

1 Christian from Texas Runs with the Bull

2 Kirill Oreshkin Hangs by His Fingertips...

3 ... and Shoots for the Stars...

4 ... and Loves Bridges, Apparently...

5 Eric Ingargiola Goes Skydiving

6 BMX Photobomb Selfie

7 Schweizer Luftwaffe Selfie

8 Ferdinand Puentes' Plane Crash Selfie

9 Shashi Bellamkonda's Smoke in the Cabin Selfie

10 Magic Levitating Selfie?

11 Bendy Gymnast Selfie

12 Mike Hopkins' Spacewalk Selfie

13 Karen Nyberg's Zero-Gravity Selfie

14 Grandpa's Selfie

15 Ickiest Selfie EVER!

16 Saluting Selfie

17 Quidditch Selfie

18 Pope Selfie!

19 Alexander Remnev's Dubai Selfie

20 George Kourounis' Volcano-Suit Selfie

21 Aaron Gekoski's Shark-ie

22 Waterfall Selfie

23 Hot Air Balloon Selfie

24 Alana Blanchard's Surfing Selfie

25 Lee's Savior Statue Selfie

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