Your Zodiac Sign's ♓️♉️♒️♈️ Go-to Phrase 💬 ...

When it comes to communicating with everyone and anyone, it's probably fair to say that we all have our signature ways of talking and interacting with people. Sure, you know how to make things formal for your professional life and casual for your personal life, but no matter what tone you take, there is always a little bit of your signature style that comes through. You might think what you say is completely original and comes only out of your mouth, but have you ever thought that astrology might be dictating something along the way? Here is your go-to phrase according to your zodiac sign!

1. Aries

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“You deserve better.”

You’re that girl who can’t help but champion her friends, always looking out for them and trying to make they have the very best.

2. Taurus

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“Because I said so.”

You don’t like to be questioned! You like things your own way, and you aren’t very good at explaining yourself.

3. Gemini

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“We should hang out!”

You are one of those people who likes to make a good impression and has grand ambitions of being best friends with everyone, even if you can’t follow through on lots of promises.

4. Cancer

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“I can do it.”

Your confidence is sky high and you truly believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that so long as it doesn’t turn into arrogance!

5. Leo

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“I’m here for you.”

You are the friend who is always there to pick up the pieces when someone you love is in need. Your natural caregiving instincts go into overdrive and you love being depended on.

6. Virgo

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“Let me Google it.”

You have no patience for things being left up in the air! You can never let a conversation or debate be left without checking the facts to see who was right and who was wrong!

7. Libra

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“Spread the love.”

You have absolutely no time for drama in your life and you can’t see why anyone would want to hold a grudge when you would rather move on harmoniously.

8. Scorpio

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“I told you so.”

You have a kind of annoying tendency to be superior all the time. That’s fine when you are around people who know and love you, but it can sometimes be a problem with strangers and first impressions.

9. Sagittarius

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You are here for a good time, not a long time! You want to get every ounce of fun out of life before it is too late.

10. Capricorn

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“Let me fix it.”

You are the glue that holds both your family and your friendship circles together. You don’t always want to be the one who solves the problems, but at the end of the day, you are the best at it!

11. Aquarius

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“Nothing is impossible.”

You are the eternal optimist. You don’t think any challenge is too big to conquer, and you always try your best to succeed.

12. Pisces

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“This is beautiful.”

You are someone who always sees the good in people and in things when no one else can. Your ability to get to the positive heart of the matter is something to cherish.

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