Your 2018 Horoscope ...

By Melly

Want your your horoscope for 2018? The first month of the year may already have been and gone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look at 2018 as a fresh start with fresh goals and motivations! It is only early February, after all, and there are plenty of months left to try to make the changes and achieve the things in your life that are going to make a difference this year. If you believe in astrology as so many others do, then one of the first things you will want to do is check out your horoscope for the year ahead. Not only will it be able to give you some clues about what to expect in the next ten or so months, but it can also shape some of your decisions. Here is your horoscope for 2018.

1 Aquarius

2018 is going to be a year of real personal growth for you, and this could relate to something as big as a new relationship, to something as small as changing your daily habits for the better. No matter what, it is all positive.

2 Pisces

You really need to concentrate on cultivating and maintaining your platonic relationships this year. Maybe last year was focused on your love life, but 2018 needs to be all about checking back in with close friends.

3 Aries

Last year you were a little impatient with regards to your life progress, but 2018 is going to feel a lot more controlled and chilled. You will realise that the slower you approach things, the fewer mistakes you are likely to make.

4 Taurus

You might be stubborn, but you can definitely achieve anything you set your mind to, and this might come in the form of a huge life dream in 2018. You may not have worked it out this early on, but stay on the lookout for a life-changing opportunity.

5 Gemini

This year you are going to become much more confident in yourself, which will lead to you finally setting up those personal boundaries that have been so lacking in the past few years. Whether it’s an overzealous parent or an on and off boyfriend, you will start to figure things out.

6 Cancer

You are about as emotionally intelligent and logical as they come, but in 2018 it is time to open up your heart to the more unpredictable side of life. Stop trying to analyse everything and go with the flow; you never know where it might lead you.

7 Leo

No matter what you do this year, make sure that you don’t end up getting distracted and moving on to another task before the first one is finished. 2018 is going to be all about learning the value of commitment to a project for you.

8 Virgo

You are naturally afraid of change, but in 2018 this fear is going to be tested. It might be in the form of a job change or a relationship change, but something is going to happen that you need to roll with. Don’t worry, though, it will be ultimately positive.

9 Libra

Your task in 2018 is to stop looking back to the past and instead focus on the present and future. You have let your bad life experiences control your actions for too long. It’s time to start fresh.

10 Scorpio

You overstretched yourself last year, so 2018 needs to be a time in which you make sensible decisions about who and what to lend your attention to. There are only so many hours in a day and days in a year so spend them wisely.

11 Sagittarius

There is going to be a lot of soul searching for you this year, periods where you are going to need to find out what you really want which will be followed by some tough choices. It will be hard, but it will be oh so worth it.

12 Capricorn

Saturn is in your sign this year, which means that you are primed to have the best year of your life! You will finally have the right balance of spiritual power and real-world support to fulfill that dream that you have long harboured.

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