7 World Famous Sporting Trophies ...

Now I know that many women don’t have an interest in sports. I do. I’ve been a lifelong fan of Chelsea Football (soccer) club and I enjoy pretty much most sports except F1 racing and boxing. I can’t wait for the Olympics next year and am hoping I’ll get to see some of the events live. Being able to converse with your partner about sports can only be a good thing, so I thought I’d provide a short lesson to introduce 8 world famous sporting trophies to you.

1. The Superbowl Trophy

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Kicking off with one you should all know already and if you don’t, what planet do you live on? The Superbowl Trophy is awarded to the winners of the National Football League championship game. Known as the Vince Lombardi Trophy, each year a new one is made exclusively by top craftsmen at Tiffany. It is quite unusual in the world of trophies, as most major awards are so steeped in history because they are the original one.

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