7 Wonderfully Awesome Fall Bubble Baths ...

Bubble Baths are a huge, huge part of my life. Seriously ladies, I take bubble baths every single night. They help me unwind and I swear, I come up with my best ideas in my bathtub. The other day, when I ran out of bubble bath, I wanted to search for something fallish, something that makes me think of all of the things that autumn means to me. That's why I created my top 7 bubble baths for the fall season! I know you're gonna love 'em!

1. Caramel Apple

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Whenever autumn rolls around, I feel the need to buy up a huge bulk of caramel apples from the store (seriously – it's almost like I think they'll run out or something). So this is one of the bubble baths that absolutely makes total sense to me! I love the scent, it's rich and smells just like you're taking a big bite outta a caramel apple. Try it ladies, you won't ever want to get out of your bathtub!

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