7. The Fun!

One of my favorite reasons to learn a new language is that it can lead to a lot of fun. I speak French, Spanish and Italian, as well as my native tongue of English, and I can tell you from my own personal experience that learning those three additional languages contributed to some of the funniest, most memorable moments of my life.

From attending high school in Spain and confusing the word for chicken with the slang word for a certain male body part, much to my classmate’s hysteria, to expressing my admiration in broken Italian for Giorgio Armani after seeing him on the street in Italy, as he graciously let me get through the words, to the French my father taught me when I was a young girl that I still naturally use when I am really excited, much to the endless humor/confusion of everyone around me - plain and simple, the fun behind my experiences with learning a new language has been immense and there truly is an opportunity for you to develop your own memories, funny experiences and individual stories as well. I am confident that you will have just as much fun as I did.. . perhaps more? ! Perfecto!

With so many reasons to learn a new language, there has never been a better time to take on this rewarding challenge and begin exploring the world’s dialects one beautiful word at a time. Think of all the travel, fun, friendships and amazing experiences you can have by opening yourself up to to developing this new skill! With so many wonderful readers from around the world, our Stalkers no doubt have stories to tell about their own experiences learning another language. We would love to hear from you! What languages do you all speak? What language would you love to learn and why?

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