9 Women with Huge Collections ...

If you had a collection of make-up, shoes, and/or clothes containing 250 items, would you include yourself in the category of women with huge collections? I know I would! Get ready to be amazed because, below are 9 women with collections containing far more items than 250! Never have I heard of collections as huge as these! Who are these women with huge collections? Keep reading to find out.

1. Darlene Flynn – Shoes

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Like many women with huge collections, or at least their definition of huge, Darlene chose to have a shoe collection, but her collection is larger than any shoe collection I’ve ever seen. Darlene is a Cali girl who began collecting unique shoe related items after her heartbreaking divorce in 2001. Since then she’s collected over 16,400 footwear themed items! She even has replicas of Cinderella’s glass slipper and Dorothy’s red shoes; I bet you can’t guess her favorite movies!

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