The Winner is ...


The Winner is ...
The Winner is ...

It's Monday night and it is time to announce the winner of last week's challenge:
This Week's Challenge: So, You Think You Can Write? @Olga

And the wining post is The Single Life #creativewriting by @Debonair, which collected 161 Likes and counting.
Congratulation, Debonair!

Ladies, thank you so much for participating, it was amazing to read your short stories, you all did so well! Thank you again and talk to you on Friday morning, September 25, when we announce our next challenge!

Thank you very much, you all are much more talented than you realize.

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Congratulations!! :)

Thanks! There was a lot of worthy contenders. I just want to clarify that I'm not that bitter and have nothing against love or couples. I'm glad you all appreciate my humor and singleness. ;)

Well done!

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