8 Wicked Ways to Be More Adventurous ...


8 Wicked Ways to Be More Adventurous ...
8 Wicked Ways to Be More Adventurous ...

Do you long to be more adventurous and step out of your comfort zone? We often dream of having more excitement in our lives, yet do nothing to achieve it. Well, if you want to be more adventurous, you´ve got to take action! Dreaming won´t get you anywhere. So here are some ways of being adventurous and having more fun in life!

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Adventurous Friends

One way to be more adventurous is to seek out adventurous friends. They can provide encouragement and introduce you to new experiences. You need to make friends with the kind of people who are very proactive and love trying out new things. Be willing to give something a go; even if you don´t take to it, at least you have tried a new experience!


What´s the Worst?

Too frequently we put ourselves off being adventurous by worrying about what might go wrong. So we never take that solo vacation, go for the job we long to do, or chat to the guy we fancy. Ask yourself this: what´s the worst that could happen? If the worst outcome is not unthinkable, then go for it – you might find the rewards are so good that you´re glad you didn´t miss out!


Take a Chance

Sometimes it´s necessary to take a chance to get what you want. If you want life to be more exciting, it won´t just happen of its own accord. Sitting around waiting just means that nothing will happen. So it´s necessary to take a few risks (without being stupid, of course). Things might not always work out, but it´s usually better than spending your life wishing you had tried.


Try Something New

Being adventurous naturally entails being open to new experiences. You never know what you might enjoy until you try. For example, maybe you have never thought of yourself as sporting, yet try out some different sports and you might find the perfect one for you. Accept invitations, check out new classes – as long as it is something new to you.


Old Ambitions

Think back to ambitions that you used to have. Perhaps you think it´s too late to achieve them. Of course it isn´t! Dusting off your old dreams is a great way to be more adventurous – you already know what you want to achieve, so make it a reality. And remember – you´re never too old to develop an adventurous streak.


New Ambitions

If you don´t have any old ambitions, then create some new ones. There are no limits to the number of ambitions you can have. Having goals and trying new experiences is what keeps us enthusiastic and helps us to enjoy life. We can´t be achieving amazing things all the time, but we can work towards goals, and keep in mind what we would love to do in the future.


Inspiring People

Use the example set by people who you find inspiring to help you be more adventurous. It doesn´t matter who they are, whether they´re famous, someone you´ve read about or someone you know. The important thing is to adopt something of their attitude and use it as an encouragement. A lot of people have had to work very hard to get what they wanted – imitate their example and go for it.


Just do It!

Thinking won´t get you anywhere on its own – in order to lead a more adventurous life, you´ve got to actually get out there and act. In fact, you can think too much about the pitfalls and talk yourself out of doing things. So sometimes you have to just get up and go ahead with whatever you want to do. Just stop dithering!

Being more adventurous doesn´t mean that you have to take up dangerous sports, or pack every minute of your day with exciting activities. That would soon become exhausting! Instead, it´s about enhancing your life and stretching your limits (which are usually self-imposed). How would you like to be more adventurous – whether in small or greater ways?

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