Why Not 🤔 Throw a Mocktail 🍹 Party 🎉 ?


Throwing a mocktail is ultimately safe and responsible drinking, yet fun and creative partying. Instead of having a party based up a certain theme, which most advisors say to do, I personally think you should base the party upon simply it being about mocktails. How many people take the time out, in their lives, to make themselves a mocktail? You are pampering them!

Listed are a few tips for the best mocktail party ever!

1. Be Creative

The easiest way to serve mocktails at a party? Use sun tea jars to serve guests, even if not making sun tea. So much easier than using a bunch of pitchers. Below is where you may buy sun tea jars, for your convenience.

Choose at Least 3 Recipes for a Variety
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