9 White ⛄ Elephant Christmas 🎄 Gifts That Are Actually Awesome, Even after the Holiday 🎅 Season's over ...

Do you need some ideas for white elephant Christmas gifts? For those of you who may not know, a white elephant gift exchange is where each participant brings a gift, either a low-cost gift or an item found in your home, and you exchange it with a group of people. The first person picks a gift and the proceeding person can either steal that gift or pick a new one. There are also specific rules that apply depending on your preference. It's so fun and quite entertaining! It doesn't have to be related to Christmas, either. White elephant gift exchanges can be for any occasion! Here are some white elephant Christmas gifts that are actually awesome enough to be used all year round!

1. Wine/Liquor

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An amazing white elephant gift to both give and receive is alcohol! Particularly wine because is much loved by almost everyone and it's so versatile. Having an extra bottle is good to have on hand for dinner party's or a quiet night in. And it's so easy too-most of us have at least one bottle sitting around!

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