7 Whimsical Decorative Pillows for Home Decorating ...

For some cozy home decorating, a few well-placed whimsical decorative pillows can reflect your style and even your personality. From vintage-inspired prints to novelty shapes, your couches and chairs can have a few added touches for comfort and visual appeal. And with these 7 whimsical decorative pillows, your home will have a warm welcome to visitors.

1. Cassette Tape Pillow

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This kitsch creation is a throwback to the 1980s, and is a must have mix tape for fans of whimsical decorative pillows. The vibrancy of the purple and orange, paired with the fun design is perfect for those nostalgic over obsolete music formats, like the beloved cassette tape here. And what’s more? Zazzle.com offers this Grade A cotton pillow in multiple sizes and and styles, including this lumbar support pillow. This is one cassette that’s both cute and comfy.

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