Where is the Metoo Headed?


Where is  the Metoo Headed?
Where is  the Metoo Headed?

Wondering where is #metoo heading? Former president Bill Clinton has been in the news this week. He has written a book with James Patterson and is doing the TV rounds. One particular interview received a lot of attention. He was asked if he had apologised to Monica Lewinsky personally. He became quite defensive and said how he had not gotten away with that for free and that he was broke when he left the White House. The way in which that case is now viewed, is very different to how it was at the time. Lewinsky was presented in the media as a type of 'homewrecker', she was shamed and ridiculed. Looking back at her treatment is quite unsettling.

The #metoo raises many questions. Many people do fall in love with coworkers and this new awareness of men holding professional power over women seems to have changed things. People of varying power often fall in love, but does that mean they cannot have equal standing in a relationship? Are there some women who pursue powerful men in the hope of advancing their careers? There may well be. Do we also need protection for young vulnerable women who feel their jobs are on the line? Most definitely. This is a real problem. The rules are not hard and fast. Many people work in offices where there are jokes, flirtations, and close relationships. Where is the line when that spills over to become harassment or inappropriate behaviour? It is a blurry line for sure. Some comments or jokes are acceptable or offensive depending upon who has said them. So, where is #metoo heading?

For relationships to begin, someone has to make the first move. Is the #metoo movement heading to a place where everyone is too scared to say or do anything? The women who have come forward are brave and thank goodness alleged predators such as Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby will be held to account. However, we also have to look at where this is all heading for everyday people. It seems like common sense that if someone is being pursued and they don't want to be, then the pursuer should back off. For some people, the thrill of the chase perhaps makes it all seem like a game. It is a very dangerous game and so watch as the #metoo movement progresses. Already there have been some celebrity cases that appear to be more like bad dates than actual wrongdoing. I guess we shall soon see.

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