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When Being Emotionally Exhausted is a Good Feeling ...

By Bethaya

There are times when being emotionally exhausted is a good feeling. Is there a good kind of exhausted, you ask? A good kind of drained? I experienced one today.

Here are three examples of when being emotionally exhausted is a good feeling.

1 Family

A family is a pain and a pleasure. They are exhausting and invigorating.

For example:
You spend the whole day with family that you haven’t seen for a long time and you’re exhausted when you come home. But, you smile thinking about what you did today and it’s all worth it.

I include pets as part of the family because they are in my book.

After playing with my younger dog, I usually have arms close to being pulled out of their sockets and slight frustration because we always play one-sided tag. Her favorite game is when you try to catch her as she sprints around the yard and she’s not only fast but super intelligent.

But I don’t just feel happy because I caught her and it was a hard-won victory, I feel a good kind of ache in my bones because I know how much she enjoys the game.

2 Exercise

Exercise is one of the obvious examples of this.

There’s something magical about completing a strenuous workout and feeling on top of the world afterward. *Cue Jack’s iconic line from Titanic*


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3 Completing a Project You’re Inspired by/something You’re Passionate about

Completing certain tasks provides no satisfaction. Like homework or washing dishes. Though I know some people find those things exciting, I have not met someone who does.

However, completing a novel or painting or even just reading a book can feel amazing even though you’re drained from it.

With books, I’m always tired afterward because I feel a little empty when it’s over. But I am usually enthused by the outcome/cliffhanger.

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