What Your Hidden Clutter πŸ“¦Says πŸ—― about Your Personality πŸ™Š πŸ™‰ πŸ™Š ...

I read an article the other day about what your hidden clutter says about your personality and found it quite enlightening, so thought I would share it with you.

Most of us have clutter. Even Monica Geller has clutter. I know this! I have clutter! Some of us however, hide our clutter rather than allowing to have any visual impact (see reference to Monica, again!). It turns out that where you hoard or hide your clutter says things about your personality rather than just being a reflection of your habits and your space. A lot of psychologists link clutter with emotional issues and mental obstacles, so let’s see what your hidden clutter says about your personality:

But first, just a reminder from Monica and Chandler:

1. You Hide Your Clutter in the Garage

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Emotion – Avoidance

You know the saying β€œout of sight, out of mind”? When your clutter is in boxes piled up in the garage this is exactly the point. It isn’t just a convenient place to put your cutter until you can get around to doing it; it is actually a way of avoiding tackling it. Emotionally this means you lack the mental strength to deal with tricky tasks. You simply hope the pile will go away. It won’t. Put time aside and clear it away. It’s cathartic!

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